weed and flower
We’re so alike, you and I
our two proud heads raised up to the sky
our happy faces a splash of bright colour
we really are quite like each other
With leafy limbs and sturdy green stems
dew drops for eyes that sparkle like gems
side by side our roots are entwined
we show off our colours for bees to find    
Alas you’re wrong I heard you say
we are quite different in a botanical way
whilst I’m a flower to be picked and admired
You’re just a weed and much less desired
How I wished you hadn’t spoken
for with those words my heart was broken
the dreams I’d cultivated of a life together
were swiftly mown down and gone forever
But if there is a bright side to this tail
It’s that being a weed does not mean I’ll fail
Where our combined colours would surely have grown
Our meadow has two spots where we now grow alone.
The bees don’t know a flower from a weed
They still come buzzing for what they need
And every so often one smells so sweet
I know it’s your pollen he has on his feet
This makes me wish that I was a bee
With rainbow wings to carry me
Searching for nectar would be my ruse
To drop by and see you and banish these blues