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If a friend betrays you, all you lose is a fake friend.
If you betray a friend, you lose, integrity, trust, respect and a good friend.

Nemo me impune lacessit

What I'm up to

The weed

My attempt at literal creativity. Please be gentle with your criticism !

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My Caravan – My Sanctuary

Andrew Ditton, one of the motorhome industry’s best-known vloggers and journalists, was recently awarded the John Wickersham Award at the Caravan Writers Guild.

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England v Scotland 2023

Congratulations to the Scottish ruby squad, defeating the auld enemy 23-29 at Twickenham on Saturday, claiming a third successive Calcutta Cup victory.

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Explore Edinburgh

Watch this space for facts and photos of my home city, Edinburgh.

Upcoming Tours & Destination

Not much to report at the moment as the new van is on order and the old one is prepped for sale. March is not far away though so drop by again.