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Edinburgh - Scotland

If a friend betrays you, all you lose is a fake friend.
If you betray a friend, you lose, integrity, trust, respect and a genuine friend.

Upcoming Tours & Destinations

Waiting on a date to collect the new caravan. I guess they will contact me eventually!

Bye-Bye Velar

Good news – my troublesome Velar D300 HSE is going back to the dealer –
Parks Land Rover in Ayr.
I have no criticism of Jaguar Land Rover or their products. It was a dealer problem.

Bye-Bye Range Rover Sport

Meet the older but infinitely more reliable replacement.
A Range Rover Sport HSE Black Edition.

Say Hello to the FF Rangie

It’s finally here. The replacement to the Velar is a Full Fat 4.4 SDV8 Range Rover Autobiography.

Visit Scotland

Coming soon – I will be adding some of my favourite places in Scotland.