Amateur Radio (MM0VIV)

I obtained my amateur license in 1998 and allocated the call sign MM1BRT. After a break from the hobby of almost 20 years, I renewed my license in 2019 and received my current call sign MM0VIV.

The big surprise on my return was the introduction of digital radio (something I consider a great boost to the hobby). After a short crash course (self tuition) I chose D-Star as my preferred mode and bought myself a new Kenwood TH-D74E handheld and the Icom ID-5100E for the car. I have since added an Anytone D868 to the shack for DMR. As I don’t have the best repeater access from my QTH I also bought an OpenSpot2 hotspot that connects to internet via my home broadband or my car’s WiFi link when mobile, both giving excellent results.

As yet i’m still very much in listening mode, working hard to shake off the shyness that will be familiar to new and returning hams!! When listening i’m usually on REF001C, feel free to give me a shout if you see me active.

Callsign - MM0VIV
DMR - 2354672
Maritime - XXXX